Monday, October 26, 2020

I'm back

 So much time has gone by.  BUT I am back quilting and knitting mostly.  

I am setting off on an organizing journey into my CREATIVE WORLD.  It will take place in my past, present and future projects.

So today I have put my stuff back into my sewing room after being at a retreat for the last three days.

While dragging all my sewing things in I saw a microwave bowl holder kit On the floor.  Guess what?  I got distracted and sewed it.  I now have 2 holders great for our cereal bowls.

I will be very careful if I put them in my microwave.  I once put one of the potatoe baking bags into the microwave and took in out just before it started to flame.  Yes there was a red hot smoking shape the size of a quarter.  The glowing red fibres did look pretty but not what I was aiming for.

Take a look at my Handiwork Album to see what I finished on the retreat.

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