Saturday, October 31, 2020

hey! look what I found

a walk down memory lane - Doreen and I had so much fun.  Too bad I didn't keep this up for the whole trip.

July 15. 2016
Well it is time to say good bye to Mom and set off for the West!  Calgary here we come.  After packing everything into the car we found one milk crate sized box with rooster heads sticking out behind Doreen.  So a few adjustments and we were off.  Maybe a little later then we should have left but we are on vacation so why hurry.

Our first quilt store today was Cotton Harvest in Seaforth, and then Kalidoscope of Quilts in Exeter, both in Ontario.  We found the stores located on the main street and really enjoyed finding a fat quarter or two.

July 14, 2016
Life is good on vacation.  Doreen arrived today, so watch out Double Trouble has hooked up and is about to tour.  ...........What?...........  Double Trouble is what Doreen has named our trip.  Now that she is in Owen Sound, Ontario we will be heading to Calgary via who knows which route!

But first we are taking my Mom on a day trip.  We hit Port Elgin first - Shoreline Quilts.  It was hard not to buy a lot.  I am looking for reds and then sets of lights and darks to go with my teals.  I
found some plus the lining or front for a bag.

Next we stopped at one just outside of  Mount Forest, Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop.  I had success here too.

We tried to go to the Markdale shop but were just too late.  Maybe next year.

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