Monday, January 04, 2021

Finally got back to some quilting.

During Christmas I didn't get much time to quilt.  Before New Years I managed to get this quilt trimmed and bound.  I could likely have finished it last earlier but spent too long trying to decide what binding to use.

It was between navy and the backing fabric.  The navy was of course my go to, but it created a strong, continuous boundary.  With the year of restrictions coming to an end and the restrictions rolling over to the new, this quilt needed no boundaries.  So the backing fabric won.  It doesn't have the boundary feel that the navy did.  It allows us to see past the edge of the quilt, to what I want to believe are endless new places and friends to be had.  No restrictions thank you.

I picture this quilt as a visual of one's life.  Encircled by those who care for us (though at a social distance), and our community. Right now we are engaged with only the center.  We only venture out a bit, life right now is our core.  As the restrictions lift, our worlds will radiate outwards.  We will reengage with our broader circle of friends and navigate slowly back into our community and beyond.  Some things will be the same, others similar, and somethings gone.   

Although our former life has changed because of the lockdowns and restrictions of the epidemic, our inner core is solid.  That foundation block is there, it is strong, and will supply us with the strength no matter how many times we need to return to it.

We have learned this year that we each have a core or that square in the center of the quilt.  We have retreated back to it more then once.  But we have contacts that touch that square, some have a good hold and some have a lesser grip.  But all play an important roll in creating that strong, solid foundation for us.

Retreat to that core when needed, rely on your friends and family, regroup, then head out again.  Remember life is not a straight line, it is a journey of twists and turns.

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