Friday, November 06, 2020

Timeout for learning


I heard about a knitting class from a friend so I spent yesterday listening to steps 1 to 3.  This class is a beginner class on knitting socks.  So far I know the cuff ribbing and the stocking stitch of the leg. BUT, I am learning a lot of details and facts about needles, the yarns and just little tips that help make a project go smoother.  As I am a slow knitter and making both socks at once (this is not part of the class) don't hold your breath on my progress.  Can't wait to get to the heel.  It has a gusset and flap, a technique I have not knit before.

If you have cabin fever or just want to do something different, check out "No Fear Sock Knitting Class" on youtube.  It is free, has lots of info, is slow paced for the beginner and the pattern is inexpensive.  So check out Denise DeSantis of Earthtonesgirl (the host).

Pattern:  No Fear Shorty Socks

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